sound and light installation for 25, 36 or
49 1000W incandescent light bulbs.
©2003 burton + lakatos + roy

condemned_bulbes is a sound and light installation made up of 1000W incandescent light bulbs. By passing ordinary electricity through a custom-made light dimmer, artificiel is able to bring the coil in a state of excitation that is clearly audible and controllable. The installation is a sort of electric chorus that manifests itself acoustically. (This differs from beyond6281 which utilises actual audio signals to shake the coil.)

The simple visual layout of the bulbs enhances its global perception, while boldly occupying the space in which the work is presented. Visual and audio adjustments are made everytime the work is presented in order to underline architectural and sonic qualities of the visited space.

En installation mode the lights are animated by various behaviors, pre-defined and evolving stochastically over time. In performance, the lamps are controlled directly, as an electronic music instrument (MIDI). It is in this context that over 15 musicians have been invited so far to work with the installation.

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